About Us

AE Counseling and Healing Services, LLC is a group mental health practice providing mental health therapy and healing alternatives primarily to children, adolescents and young adults. We work in partnership with The Center for Trauma, Stress, and Anxiety to provide a comprehensive approach to mental health treatment with focus on guiding young people to their goals, providing a safe space for healing and support, as well as assist with building confidence, optimal mental health and a healthy lifestyle.

About US

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AE Counseling’s theoretical approach is both holistic and systemic. Those situations that are affecting you emotionally are also affecting your body and spirit. Let’s not forget what type of struggles come secondary for the family! For that reason, we focus on what supports the family system as a whole, including skills on how parents can be an integral part of the process. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Central ideas of AE Counseling and Healing Services:

“Challenging and difficult times in our lives afford us opportunities to learn.” Example: Bullying. One approach to this idea is how we can work together on strengthening assertive skills and confidence-building skills to stand up for ourselves in challenging situations.

“We have power over our decisions and choices.” Example: Behavioral issues. Teaching “cause and effect” relationships and consequential thinking skills is key aspects towards choosing positive choices.


“Change begins on the inside.”- Our negative experiences are often difficult to process in an emotionally healthy way. Together, we can foster healthy emotional regulation to assist in processing experiences. With our holistic approach to mental health, we offer comprehensive treatment alternatives to supplement the therapeutic process.

“Strengthening positive aspects your life to create change.”- Let’s find solutions and possibilities to the challenges you face today. We encourage development of insight and awareness of self towards helping young people live to their fullest potential.

Struggles are not permanent. Guidance is often needed.

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